Department of Spanish & Italian

Faculty Job Openings

Current Faculty Job Openings

Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish. (July 2020-June 2021). Rolling review of applications until filled.

Information for job applicants

Positions in Spanish and Italian are posted on academic job websites including the Modern Language Association (MLA) and specialized professional organizations.

For all teaching positions, the following prerequisites apply:

  • native or near-native proficiency in the language(s) to be taught and in English;
  • a strong commitment to (and experience with) undergraduate teaching;
  • proficiency with computers and instructional technology; and
  • PhD in hand by start of appointment; MA or ABD may be considered for some positions.


Applications are accepted through See the individual job advertisement for the required application materials.

Interviews and Campus Visits:

Initial interviews are conducted online or by phone. Invitations for campus visits will then been issued to finalists for career positions (does not include visiting or one-year positions). Campus visits include:

  • Meeting members of the department and touring the campus and its facilities
  • Interviews with the Dean or Associate Dean, Department Chair(s), and, for a tenure-track position, the Provost or Associate Provost.
  • Teaching a class. (Materials for the lesson will be sent to the candidate before the visit.) Faculty members in the Department will observe the class.
  • In the case of a tenure-track position, a presentation on a topic in the candidate’s research area that is suitable to a general audience of faculty in literature and language, about 30-40 minutes (with subsequent time for questions). This talk should be in English since not everyone in the audience may be proficient in the candidate’s other language(s).
  • In the case of non-tenure-track, teaching professional positions, a presentation focused on teaching philosophy, methodology, or pedagogy, including specific approaches to foreign language instruction and/or to any areas that are specified in the job announcement description