Department of Spanish & Italian

Faculty & Staff

Italian Faculty

Rémi Lanzoni, Ph.D., Associate Professor
French and Italian Cinema

Roberta Morosini, Ph.D., Professor
Medieval Italy in the Mediterranean, Modalities of Narration, Fantastic and Literary Geography

Silvia Tiboni-CraftPh.D., Assistant Teaching Professor
19th and 20th Century Italian Women Writers, 20th Century Italian Poetry, Domestic Space, Feminist Theory and Pedagogy

John Andrew Welsh, Ph.D., Assistant Teaching Professor
Arts-Enhanced Language Teaching, Language for Special Purposes, Ethics and Critical Theory


Spanish Faculty

Irma Alarcón, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Second Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Heritage Speakers,  TESOL

Jane Albrecht, Ph.D., Professor
16th and 17th Century Spanish Literature

Alison AtkinsPh.D., Visiting Assistant Professor
20th Century Spanish Literature and Culture

Diego Burgos, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Translation Studies, Computer-Assisted Translation, Software Localization, Natural Language Processing

Andrea Echeverría, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
20th and 21st Century Latin American Literatures and Indigenous Studies

Margaret Ewalt, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Enlightenment in Spain and Spanish America, 18th and 19th Century Latin American Literature, Colonial Spanish Literature

Sara Fernández Cuenca, Assistant Professor of Spanish

Jerid Francom, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Psycholinguistics, Corpus Linguistics, Formal Syntax

Mary Friedman, Ph.D., Professor
Latin American Literature, Comparative Literature

Olgierda Furmanek, Ph.D., Professor
Interpreting and Translation Studies, Curriculum Design, Contact Linguistics

Luis González, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Syntactic Theory, Spanish Applied Linguistics

César Gutiérrez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Historical linguistics, Phonetics, Phonology

Anne Hardcastle, Ph.D., Associate Professor
20th Century Spanish Fiction, Film Studies

Linda Howe, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Latin American Literature and Cultural Production

Bruce Jackson, Ph. D., Assistant Teaching Professor
19th century Spanish literature and culture, Teaching methodology

Tiffany Judy, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Second Language Acquisition, Morpho-syntax, Psycholinguistics

Stella Soojin Kim, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor
Film Studies, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, Spanish Language and Literatures

Kathryn Mayers, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Renaissance and Baroque Poetry, Literary Historiography

Liliana Mendoza-Batista, MA, Assistant Professor of the Practice
Spanish Language acquisition

Sol Miguel-Prendes, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Medieval Literature

Lauren Miller, Ph.D., Visiting Assistant Professor
Language Acquisition, Bilingualism, Spanish in the United States, Heritage Languages and Speakers

Rebekah Morris, MA, Associate Professor of the Practice
Spanish language acquisition

Samanta Ordóñez, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Claudia Ospina, Ph.D., M.A.I.A., Assistant Teaching Professor
20th Century Spanish American Literature and Culture

Carmen Perez-Muñoz, Ph.D., Assistant Teaching Professor
Medical Spanish

Miriam RomeroPh.D., Visiting Assistant Professor

Teresa Sanhueza, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Latin American Theater

Jessica Shade Venegas, Ph.D., Assistant Teaching Professor
19th Century Spanish and Spanish-American narrative

Patricia Swier, Ph.D., Associate Teaching Professor
Latin American Literature

Encarna Turner, MA, Associate Professor of the Practice
Spanish language acquisition, Translation, Linguistics

Claudia Valdez, Ph.D., Assistant Teaching Professor
Hispanic Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis, Spanish in Contact, Latino Immigration in the USA

José Luis Venegas, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Transatlantic Studies, Modern and Contemporary Spanish and Spanish American Narrative

Nicholas WoltersAssistant Professor
18th- & 19th-Century Spanish Peninsular Literature & Visual Culture

Emeriti / Emeritae

Candelas Gala, Ph.D., Professor Emerita
Twentieth-Century Spanish Poetry, Federico García Lorca, Interdisciplinary Studies


Corey Cantaluppi, Administrative Assistant

Irene Picconi, Administrative Coordinator

Steven Wicker, Instructional Technology Consultant