Department of Spanish & Italian

Silvia Tiboni-Craft

Silvia Tiboni-Craft

PhD in Italian Literature, Rutgers University
Associate Teaching Professor of Italian

Office: Greene Hall 543
Phone: (336) 758-5724

Silvia Tiboni-Craft is an Assistant Teaching Professor of Italian at Wake Forest University since 2012. She obtained both a B.A. and M.A. in Italian Literature from the Università degli Studi di Urbino Carlo Bo with a special focus on 19th and 20th century. In 2006 she moved to the United Stated thanks to an exchange program between her Italian University and the University of Tennessee, Knoxville where she collaborated with the Italian Department. After a year she started her Ph.D. in Italian at Rutgers University and she completed it in 2015 with a dissertation on Italian women writers titled Fantasy of the Domestic Space.  Since at Wake Forest Silvia taught a variety of courses in Italian Language, Culture and Literature, she led several research projects with students at the undergraduate level and she successfully created numerous extra-curricular activities to create a sense of community on campus and within the Winston-Salem community. Silvia’s research and teaching interests include 19th and 20th century Italian women writers, 20th century Italian poetry, domestic space, feminist theory and also pedagogy. Silvia recently published a book chapter titled “The stolen identities in Maria Messina’s novel A House in the Shadow” in Representation of Female identity in Italy. From Neoclassicism to the 21st Century and she is currently work on  a book project that explores how female writers portray in their novels and short stories the domestic space in which women were segregated. Silvia also works on a pedagogical project on the use of 3D videos and virtual reality to facilitate students’ learning of Italian Language, Literature and Culture. 


2015: Ph.D. Rutgers University in Italian Literature with a dissertation on Italian Women Writer titled

“Fantasy of the Domestic Space”

2005 BA and MA. In Italian Literature Università degli Studu di Urbino “Carlo Bo” with a dissertation on Italian Poetry of 20th century “A Reading of L’Anima e il VentoEgidio Mengacci



2018 recipient of the Kulynych Family Award

Eudamonia Institute Grant (Summer 2018)

Faculty Teaching Development Fund, WFU Teaching and Learning Center (Spring 2018)

Faculty Development Fund, Teaching and Learning Center Wake Forest University (Fall 2017)

Faculty Development Fund, Dean Office Wake Forest University (Summer 2016)

Faculty Development Fund, Dean Office Wake Forest University (Summer 2015)

Mini Grant for the 2012 Lilly Conference on “College and University Teaching”

The Joseph, Sr. and Clementina Coccia Memorial Scholarship Italian Department – Rutgers University Summer 2011

Teaching Assistantship Italian Department – Rutgers University 2007-2009


Invited to give a video conference presentation on “The Work of Natalia Ginsburg at the University of Tennesse Knoxville (forthcoming on November, 14th 2018)

Invited to give a presentation on “Desperate Housewives of the 20th Century: Towards a Re-Appropriation of the Self” to the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies Colloquium Series on Anneberg Forum, Carswell Hall, Wake Forest University (April 18th, 2017)

“Studying Race and Human Community: Current Curricular Opportunities in the Humanities” organized by the Humanities Institute. Participating on behalf of the Italian program. Wake Forest University February, 23 2016.


“Travelling the Silk Road: A Virtual Path to Language Acquisition, Culture, Literature, Literature and Business in the Past and Present” Silk Road Symposium Wake Forest University (forthcoming March 27-30, 2019)

­Teaching Language Proficiency and Digital Literacy through Photographic Storytelling” SAMLA, Birmingham, AL (November 2-4 2018)

Teaching Italian Literature with a musical” MILFC Knoxville, TN October 4-6 2018

“Cantiamo insieme! I Promessi Sposi in un musical” at the AATI conference in   Naples, AATI, Naples June 22-27, 2016.

“The alternative space in Contessa Lara’s work” at the AAIS conference in Baton Rouge, LO April 21-23, 2016.

“A body loved twice in Allacciate le cinture by Ferzan Özpetek” 46th NeMLA Convention, Toronto, Ontario, (April 30 – May 3 2015).

“Women and Dolls in Contessa Lara’s Il romanzo della bambola” SCMLA Nashville, TN October 31-November 3, 2015.

“The resilient space of the dolls in Contesa Lara’s novel L’Innamorata and Il romanzo della bambola” 71st SCMLA Annual Conference, Austin, TX,October18-22, 2014..

“Cumbersome mothers in Salce’s I married you for fun” NEMLA XLV Annual Conference, Harrisburg, PA, April 4, 2014.

“The duality of space in Maria Messina’s novel La casa del vicolo” 85th SAMLA, Atlanta, GA, November, 9 2013.

“Leona’s sick love in Contessa Lara’s novel L’Innamorata” 84th SAMLA, Durham, NC November 10, 2012.

“A critical analisys of Giuliana’s allegria” AAIS Annual Conference, Charleston, SC, May 4, 2012.

“Egidio Mengacci Poetry’s” Universitá degli Studi “Carlo Bo”, Urbino, Italy, August 2008.

“Desperate Housewives of the 20th century: A Fantastic re-appropriation of the Self” (work in progress)

“Teaching Language Proficiency and Digital Literacy Through Photographic Storytelling” (work in progress)

“The stolen identities in Maria Messina’s novel A House in the Shadow” in Representation of Female identity in Italy. From Neoclassicism to the 21st Century edited by Silvia Giovanelli Byer and Fabiana Cecchini. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne: 2017.

“L’incontro tra Carlo Betocchi e Egidio Mengacci” in Le carte poetiche di Egidio Mengacci a cura di Gualtiero De Santi. Fermenti Editrice, Roma: 2014.

BOOK PROJECT: In my book project, I intend to explore how female writers portray in their novels and shorts  stories the domestic space in which women were segregated. The analysis of the representation of the domestic space will lead to a peculiar aspect of it: the definition of a fantastic space within the domestic space. The critical analysis will be restricted to Italian women writers between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, no later than the immediate aftermath of WWI. I will analyze the narrative works of Contessa Lara, Marchesa Colombi, Neera, Maria Messina and Sibilla Aleramo.


RESEARCH PROJECT IN PEDAGOGY: This project consists in having students create a 3D map using virtual reality with a program called Thinglink. The main intent of this project is to incorporate virtual reality to provide students with a different way to approach the literary text. My students are currently recreating a cultural and geographical virtual map to trace and experience Marco Polo’s travels along the Silk Road during the Middle Ages narrated on The Travels of Marco Polo. This project is done jointly with my colleague who teaches the Chinese business class. While I am focusing more on the historical part of the Silk Road, my colleague is focusing on the contemporary business side of it.

Undergraduate Research Forum at SAMLA Birmingham, AL mentor and supervised a student’s presentation. (November 2-4 2018)

Mentor student Mary Taromina on the NIAF on campus fellowship program (fall 2017)


Mentor student Maddie Arnel for ACCIAC Creativity and Innovation Fellowship to study though literature and photography how objects tell the history of emancipation of Italian-American Women (Summer 2017)


Organized with student Maddie Arnel a case-show on “Speaking Hands: How Tradition molds Modernity” ZSR Library December 2016.


Organized with student Rose O’Brian the exhibit “The Men of Casa Gozzi. Humanizing the asylum seekers in Trieste, Italy” ZSR Library October, 2016.


Mentor my student Maddie Arnel on the National Italian American Foundation’s photo contest. The student won first place. (October 2016)


Mentor student Rose O’Brian for Ritcher Sholarship to study political refugees in Trieste Italy (Summer 2016)


Coordinator and creator of the official Instagram page of the Italian Program at Wake Forest (fall 2017-present)

Official advisor for the NIAF on campus fellowship program and helping students to organized events (2017-present)

Member of the search committee for an Assistant Teaching Professor of Italian (Wake Forest University Spring 2018)

Chapter Advisor of GKA National Italian Honor Society (2018-present)

Co-Organizer of a talk by Professor Thomas Harrison on March 28th 2017

Member of the Chair Evaluation Committee (Spring 2017)

Co- Organizer of a talk by Professor Peter Carravetta on October, 6th 2016

Organizer of a talk by Professor Paolo Chirumbolo in collaboration with Film Studies and Office for Global Affair on “The Representation of (Post) Work in Contemporary Italian Documentary Filmmaking” March 3st 2016

Co-organizer of Professor Fragola’s talk on October 2015 and I designed the flyer for the event


Organizer of Conversazione in cucina at campus Kitchen since 2016


Lower Division Advisor since 2015

Faculty adviser and Founder of the Italian Club since fall 2014

Organized of Ita113 Students final video project (2014 and 2016)

Organizer of the Italian table at the World Cultural Festival (since 2012)

Organizer of the Italian American Heritage Month celebration (since October 2014)

Member of the Student Engagement Committee since Fall 2013

Organizer of the Italian films series (2013-2017)

Member of the search committee for One Year Italian Position (Wake Forest University Spring 2013)


Organizer of the Lecture on “Liquid families in the Italian Cinema of the New Millennium” given by Maria Letizia Bellocchio, Rutgers University, April 8th 2013

Organizer of the Festa di Natale (since 2012)

Coordinator and creator of the official Facebook page of the Italian Program at Wake Forest. Established September 2012



Organizer of the AATI panel Innovative Pedagogies and approaches to Language Acquisition in the Italian Classroom at SAMLA, Birmingham, AL November 2-4 2018


Co-Editor of the AATI (American Association Teacher of Italian) Newsletter (3 year term 2018-2021)


Served as a President of the Italian language at the SCMLA (Sothern Central Modern Language Association). One year position (2016).


Organized all panels for the Italian session at the SCMLA conference in Dallas, TX November 3-6, 2016.


Organizer of the roundtable on “Innovative Tools for Successful Teaching Italian Literature and Upper Level Courses” at the AATI conference in Naples, Italy June 22-27, 2016.

Organizer of the panel “The Representation of Space in 19th and 20th century Italian Women Writers” and presenting a paper at the AAIS conference in Baton Rouge, LO April 21-23, 2016.

Secretary of the Italian section for the SCMLA (2015).

Organizer of the panel “The Rhythm of Space and Women in Italian Literature” for the special session of the Italian section. SCMLA conference, Nashville, TN October 31-November 3, 2015.

Organizer and Chair of the panel “The relationship between Space and Women in Italian literature and Cinema” 86th SAMLA Atlanta, GA (November 7-9 2014).

Chair and Co-Organizer of a conference panel on “MALAISE in Italian Modern Literature and Contemporary Cinema” SAMLA 2012 (Durham, NC November, 9-11 2012)



Organizer with the Italian Club the Italian Table at the Multi-Cultural Night at Jefferson Elementary School in Winston-Salem, NC (October, 19th 2018)


Organizer with the NIAF and the Italian Club Festa di Primavera on WF campus (March 2018)


Organizer with the NIAF and the Italian Club gelato 101 event (February 2018)


Organizer with the Italian Club of a fundraiser to help Language Program at Pre-school and Elementary School level at Marco’s Car Wash in Winston-Salem, NC (April, 21-22 2017)


Organizer with the Italian Club of Italian activities at EECC’s school in Winston-Salem, NC (April 2017 and February 2018)


Organized the Italian Table at Whitaker Elementary School in Winston-Salem during the Multicultural Week with my Ita320 students on February, 26 2016.


Organizer of the Italian-American community dinner at Carmine’s in Winston-Salem, NC (October 2015)

ITA111 and ITA112 Elementary Italian first and second semester

ITA113 Intensive Elementary Italian

ITA 153 Intensive Elementary Italian

ITA212 Exploring the Italian World

ITA213 Introduction to Italian Literature

ITA 320 Advance Conversation and Composition

ITA381 Independent Study on Italian Women Writers